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Most meshes are usually produced with both topological and geometrical irregularity (arbitrary valence, non-uniform sampling). This has been seen as a flaw hindering subsequent mesh processing, because most of the other signals we manipulate everyday (sound, image, video) are acquired and processed as regularly sampled data. Three-dimensional (3D) signals, be they surfaces or volumes, are however drastically and inherently different. Although the main body of work on mesh processing has focused on semi-regular meshes (on which the usual DSP tools can be extended quite nicely), we have focused on fully irregular meshes. Understanding this problem of irregularity, inherent to 3D sampling, is fundamental in widely different applications ranging from mesh modeling to smoothing, parameterization, remeshing, and to even compression or animation.

3D Mesh Compression: Pierre Alliez, Haeyoung Lee
A Progressive Compression Algorithm (Siggraph 2001)
A Valence-Driven Single-Rate Compression Algothem (Eurographics 2001)
Angle-Analyzer: Triangle-Quad Mesh Codec (Eurographics 2002)
Progressive Encoding of Complex Isosurfaces (Siggraphics 2003)
Parameterization: Pierre Alliez, Haeyoung Lee, Yiying Tong
Intrinsic Parameterizations of Surface Meshes (Eurographics 2002)
Generalizing Barycentric Coordinates for Irregular N-gons (Journal of Graphics Tools 2002)
Remeshing: Pierre Alliez, Yiying Tong
Interactive Geometry Remeshing (Siggraph 2002)
Geometrical and Topological Filtering: Yiying Tong
Authoring and Editing Tools for Surfaces and Volumes: Anna Kyrikou
Highly deformable materials
Realtime animation: Clothes, Surgery
Natural Phenomena (fire): Haeyoung Lee, Laehyun Kim
Haptics: Laehyun Kim
Implicit-based Haptic Rendering Technique(IEEE/RSJ IROS 2002)
Haptic Editing for Decoration and Material Properties(Haptics 2003, IEEE Computer Society)
Implicit Surfaces:

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