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Meshes on Fire
Haeyoung Lee, Laehyun Kim, Mark Meyer, and Mathieu Desbrun. 
Eurographics Workshop on Computer Animation and Simulation '2001


A new method for the animation of fire on polyhedral surfaces was introduced. With discrete straightest geodesics, fire fronts can be evolved directly on the surface of arbitrarily complex objects. Multi-scale wind fields and geometric quantities were used to simulate the tubulence and the dynamics of fire.

The straightest geodesic curves were used as pathes for fire flames to propagate along on the surface. The straightest geodesic curve is an extension of a straight line onto a 3D surface.
For natural look of turbulent fire, a windfield model was used: a combined sum of global wind motion and stochastic local turbulence

Realtime Simulations on Pentium III PC, Screen captured by SnagIt

Grass fire: animation with wind field, slope effect, and multiple simultaneous fires

 - file :

 - size:  compressed 2.5M

             decompressed rock.avi 10M

Fire simulation on complex shape with genus 3

 - file :

 - size:  compressed 3.3M

            decompressed genus.avi 13M