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Mathieu Desbrun, head

Mathieu Desbrun is the Carl F. Braun Professor at Caltech in the Computing + Mathematical Sciences department focusing on harnessing geometry to drive breakthroughs in numerical algorithms for graphics and computational science. His current areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
Discrete Differential Modeling (differential, yet readily-discretizable tools for modeling)
Discrete Differential Geometry, Discrete Exterior Calculus, and applications

                Administrative Assistant
Sheila Shull, staff

Sheila Shull is our fantastic administrative assistant, basically running the lab with her magic computer.

                 Graduate Students
Dzhelil Rufat, MS

Dzhelil Rufat is a sixth year graduate student in Applied Physics.  
Max Budninskiy, RA

Max Budninskiy is a third year graduate student in ACM.  

Beibei Liu, PhD
Beibei (Emma) Liu
Oculus Research
Melissa Yeung, PhD
Melissa Yeung
Working in NYC
Gemma Mason, PhD
Gemma Mason
Postdocing in NZ
Jin Huang
Jin Huang
Back at ZJU
Dominik Michels, PhD
Dominik Michels
Now Prof at Stanford
Fernando de Goes, PhD
Fernando de Goes
Now at Pixar
Tomasz Tyranowski, PhD
Tomasz Tyranowski
Now @ Imperial College
Christian Lessig, PhD
Christian Lessig
Now at Magdeburg U.
Keenan Crane, PhD
Keenan Crane
Now at Carnegie Mellon U
Patrick Mullen, PhD
Patrick Mullen
Now at 2Sigma (NYC)
Pooran Memari, PhD
Pooran Memari
Now at CNRS
Ashley Moore, PhD
Ashley Moore
Aerospace Corp.
Nadine Olischläger, PhD
Nadine Olischläger
Now back in Germany.
Evan Gawlik, PhD
Evan Gawlik
Now at Stanford
Luke Durant, BS
Luke Durant
Now at NVidia
Lily Kharevych, PhD
Lily Kharevych
Now at Google
Katherine Breeden, BS
Katherine Breeden
Now at Stanford
Dmitry Pavlov, PhD
Dmitry Pavlov
Now at Imperial College
Ari Stern, PhD
Ari Stern
Now at WUSTL
Roger Donaldson, PhD
Roger Donaldson
Now in Canada
Alexander McKenzie, MS
Alex McKenzie
Now roaming the world
Matt Fisher, BS
Matthew Fisher
Now at Adobe Research
Weiwei Yang, MS
Weiwei Yang
Now in MSR NExT
Ilya Eckstein, PhD
Ilya Eckstein
Now at Google
Yiying Tong, PhD
Yiying Tong
Now at MSU
Gabriel Peyré, PhD
Gabriel Peyré
Now at CNRS, France
Jean-Philippe Pons, PhD
Jean-Philippe Pons
Now at ENPC, France
Eva Kanso, PhD
Eva Kanso
Now at USC
Pierre Alliez
Pierre Alliez
Now at Inria
Zoë Wood, PhD
Zoë Wood
Now at CalPoly
Eitan Grinspun, PhD
Eitan Grinspun
Now at Columbia U.
Haeyoung Lee
Haeyoung Lee
Now at Hongik U.
Anna Kyrikou
Anna Kyrikou
Now in Greece
Laehyun Kim, PhD
Laehyun Kim
Now at KIST
Mark Meyer, PhD
Mark Meyer
Now at Pixar
Maithili Dandige
Maithili Dandige
Now at Microsoft
Pushkar Joshi
Pushkar Joshi
Now at Berkeley

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