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Valence-Driven Connectivity Encoding for 3D Meshes
(Pierre Alliez and Mathieu Desbrun).

This page illustrates the connectivity encoding technique described in "Valence-Driven Connectivity Encoding for 3D Meshes". The application is an implementation of the paper. It opens wrl 97 files containing one 2-manifold triangle mesh, and allows the user to visualize the edge-centered conquest described in the paper. Several visual debugging options are available. Resulting bit-rates are given in bits per vertex. The executable has been compiled for a Win32 platform (Windows 9x/NT/2000) and uses the OpenGL library. Some animations are also available.

HowTo and Snapshots

Paper (1500 KB)
Executable (701 KB, Windows 9x/NT/2000 application, requires OpenGL)
Models (1973 KB, courtesy of Caltech, Stanford, Hugues Hoppe, and Renato Pajarola).

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