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  Welcome to the Applied Geometry Lab webpage!

The Applied Geometry Lab at Caltech is located in Pasadena, California. We approach computations from a geometric standpoint in order to provide numerical tools that intrinsically respect key defining properties like symmetries and invariants. In particular, we focus on discrete differential modeling, i.e., the development of differential, yet readily-discretizable foundations of computations, with a wide spectrum of applications from discrete geometry processing to solid and fluid mechanics.

We work in close collaboration with Professor Yiying Tong's GiG group from MSU, Dr Pierre Alliez's TITANE group from Inria, Professor Eva Kanso's group from USC, and Peter Schröder's Caltech Multires Modeling Group. .

Our research is sponsored in large part by the National Science Foundation (CAREER, CARGO, CMMI, CPA G&V, ITR, and ERC grants), the Department of Energy, the Okawa Foundation, and by gifts from Pixar Animation Studios, Intel, and Microsoft.

Recent updates:

For the second year in a row, our paper at the Symposium of Geometry Processing (Max's, on spectral affine-kernel embeddings) won one of the three Best Paper awards. Proving once again that my students are much better than I ever was.
At Inria, Dorothy is now called Dr. Duan. Congrats!
Beibei is now at Oculus!
Beibei (aka Emma) Liu joined us as a postdoc!
Our revised class on vector fields was presented at SIGGRAPH '16. You can find the slides here.

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