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  Welcome to the Applied Geometry Lab webpage!

The Applied Geometry Lab at Caltech is located in Pasadena, California. We approach computations from a geometric standpoint in order to provide numerical tools that intrinsically respect key defining properties like symmetries and invariants. In particular, we focus on discrete differential modeling, i.e., the development of differential, yet readily-discretizable foundations of computations, with a wide spectrum of applications from discrete geometry processing to solid and fluid mechanics.

We work in close collaboration with Professor Yiying Tong's GiG group from MSU, Dr Pierre Alliez's TITANE group from Inria, Professor Eva Kanso's group from USC, and Peter Schröder's Caltech Multires Modeling Group. .

Our research is sponsored in large part by the National Science Foundation (CAREER, CARGO, CMMI, CPA G&V, ITR, and ERC grants), the Department of Energy, the Okawa Foundation, and by gifts from Pixar Animation Studios, Intel, and Microsoft.

Recent updates:

Great audience at the SIGGRAPH '13 class on DEC. Thanks for coming!
Keenan is gone, and Max Budninskiy is on his way in. Changes, changes!
Melissa Yeung won a DOE Computational Science grad fellowship this year! That's the second one for the team in 2 years...
Jim Arvo's memorial on Nov 11 was wonderful; his passing was not.
Patrick is now Dr. Mullen as of September 8th, and is NYC-bound.
Jerrold E. Marsden, a main source of inspiration for our lab, has passed away. Our deepest sympathies to his family. Thanks for all these years, Jerry.
Keenan Crane got the SGP Best Paper award and a Google PhD Fellowship the same month. Not too shabby.
Mark Montague (a.k.a. Monty) passed away on Monday July 19 2010; the GG lab is in mourning. So long, Monty.

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