Back to Applied Geometry homepage The Chain Collocation Method:
A Spectrally Accurate Calculus of Forms

Dzhelil Rufat
Gemma Mason
Patrick Mullen
Mathieu Desbrun

Journal of Computational Physics (Special Issue "Physics-Compatible Numerical Methods"), 2013

Chebyshev grid convergence Chebyshev 1-forms 1-form Poisson Equation

Preserving in the discrete realm the underlying geometric, topological, and algebraic structures at stake in partial differential equations has proven to be a fruitful guiding principle for numerical methods in a variety of fields such as elasticity, electromagnetism, or fluid mechanics. However, structure-preserving methods have traditionally used spaces of piecewise polynomial basis functions for differential forms. Yet, in many problems where solutions are smoothly varying in space, a spectral numerical treatment is called for. In an effort to provide structure-preserving numerical tools with spectral accuracy on logically rectangular grids over periodic or bounded domains, we present a spectral extension of the discrete exterior calculus (DEC), with resulting computational tools extending well-known collocation-based spectral methods. Its efficient implementation using fast Fourier transforms is provided as well.


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